With the increasing trend of start-ups and freelancers in Chandigarh, the need for office space is also growing. Born out of a need to work in a more inspiring, collaborative work environment, and a space that provides all the required facilities like Workstations, high-quality furniture, high-speed internet, conference room, power backup, lockers, event areas and a well-equipped pantry, the concept of Co-working space began in 2005 in San Francisco. The concept was further adopted by many of the nations of the world. And today it is becoming a social movement by changing the work practices. This concept of co-working spaces in Chandigarh was introduced in 2016 and was well appreciated by the community of start-ups and freelancers.


Co-working spaces are essentially shared workspaces that offer affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop and work efficiently. These spaces are defined as a workspace that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the unity community of a traditional job. The main motive of these shared workspaces is to provide an environment where the people can get more motivation to work, learn, connect and work without distractions at affordable prices in the growing cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore, etc.


In addition to culture, the cost is another big advantage that the co-working spaces provide. One of the advantages of these shared spaces is the ability to rent out only what you need it.  Through various membership, models include options for daily fees or monthly fees. Membership costs also differ based on whether you use a shared desk or want a dedicated one.


Co-working spaces try creating the best of both worlds for freelancers: The flexibility of choosing own hours and schedule without the isolation. These shared spaces are thus great for freelancers. A feeling of community is created for those that would otherwise be forced to work alone at home or a coffee shop. Start-ups appreciate the flexibility of co-working spaces as they provide the chance for small teams to interact with others in the space. Thus it can be said that the co-working spaces are suitable for all who want to work efficiently and grow at the same time.

Co-working spaces Mohali make sure that you can focus on your work while they take care of the rest and work in the best possible way with least distractions. Also, in a co-working space, you meet a lot of like-minded people and this helps in spawning the business.