In the recent years, it can be observed that the number of entrepreneurs and startups have grown in Mohali and the nearby area. The perks such as financial and managerial autonomy and creating something new are some of the attractions. But what is not realized is that it takes a whole lot more than blood, sweat, and tears to go from zero to a million-dollar company. Some of the reasons for the growth in the number of entrepreneurs in Mohali and nearby area are:


  1. Ideal Environment for the Growth:

The place that you work in has a great impact on the growth of the organization. Mohali and the nearby areas like Chandigarh and Jalander had had a long association with entrepreneurship and many of the startups based in these areas are spreading their wings nationwide now. The trade possibilities are huge and a pool of talent comes from the nearby places that help in the growth of entrepreneurs and startups.


  1. Near to the Education Institutions:

Many education institutes like Panjab University, Indian School of Business, PEC University are situated in the nearby areas and attract students from the neighboring areas to avail the great educational facilities and bring the potential people with the innovative ideas to a place where they can turn them into reality. It only takes a few people to be in the right place and the right frame of mind and also time to bump into a life-changing idea, and Mohali and the nearby region is fast becoming the platform for such students.


  1. Infrastructure:

The city has a fast developing network of people and amenities and is well connected through public transport since it is a small city allowing the budding entrepreneurs to work on their ideas. The connectivity with the other states help the entrepreneurs to scale up their business easily to the other states. Also with the growth of the coworking areas in Mohali and Chandigarh like Workcave Coworking has helped the entrepreneurs to work towards their dream without worrying about a place to work from as they are affordable and provide all the necessary facilities needed for the growth of the people working from there.


  1. Easy Funding Options:

There are various funding options available now making it easier for the entrepreneurs to turn their dream into a reality. All type of investors are looking for new investment opportunities, and a large number of investors are the entrepreneurs who were startup owners at a point of time and now want to help others with their innovative ideas.


All of this together are contributing to the ecosystem for supporting start-ups and this ecosystem is evolving further. Thus it can be said that Mohali and the nearby areas are soon going to leave the places like Delhi and Bangalore behind and will soon be known as the hub of entrepreneurs.