Branding in Digital Era 2.0

As a small business owner, people often find themselves grappling with the questions of what is digital marketing? How to use it? Is digital marketing relevant to their business? Would Facebook be relevant for the products and services that they sell or should they start with LinkedIn? To answer the different questions related to Digital Brand Management, a workshop was organized by Workcave Coworking, a coworking space in Chandigarh with the team of Digital Series as the guests on 21st July 2018.

These days the marketing is changing at a rapid pace and the audience is constantly glued to the Internet, especially, social media channels. Most small business owners are confused whether digital marketing would work for their business or not. As digital technology continues to expand and mature, digital advertising strategies are evolving to keep up. From social, to search, to big data, the opportunities for marketers today are endless.

Muskan Sharma, one of the team member of Digital Series, told about the basics of digital marketing and gave information about search engine optimization. Abhishek, another team member told about social media optimization and the website. The last speaker for the event was Mr. Nitin Rai Choudhary, the founder of Digital Series, who discussed digital series and its role in the present.

The session lasted for almost 2 hours and towards the end, there was a one on one round where the doubts of the start-up owners were cleared by the founder of Digital Series, Mr. Nitin. The event was a full house event and the audience requested to organize more events like this.

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