Workcave Members Revitalizing Their Energy with Reb Bull

Our coworkers at Workcave, a coworking space in Chandigarh spend a large time in front of their laptops engaged in the work they are doing and moving a step closer to their dreams. They can be seen working day and night six days of the week without distractions to achieve the desired dreams and goals.

To revitalize the energy of the coworkers, we had the people from Red Bull to distribute their cans. Red Bull is an energy drink that is appreciated worldwide by the people of different age groups. The Red Bull cans helped to energize the coworkers in the middle of the hot day so that they can work efficiently with more energy and be more productive. Two of the members of the Red Bull family named Prineet and Ambika came to our office on 11th of July around 12 PM. After distributing the Red Bull cans, they told the coworkers about the energy drink and how it works and helps in getting back the lost energy.

The Red Bull members told that Red Bull is the product of an Austrian company and has the highest market share of any energy drink worldwide. Initially, the distributors sold the product domestically in Austria and then it was sold all over the world and is appreciated by different sports personalities and performers. Because of its caffeine content, it helps to energize the body and gives wings.

The visit of the Red Bull members made the environment at the coworking space energetic and the coworkers were seen getting their pictures clicked with the Red Bull cans and appreciating the efforts done by the team of the coworking area to help them work with more energy.

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