Best Recruitment Practices

In today’s competitive business environment employees are a source of competitive advantages. It is critical for the entrepreneurs to hire the right people, with the right skills, right knowledge, right attributes, and at the right time, for the right job.

Workcave organized a workshop on Best Recruitment Practices with Mrs. Shavetta Mehra, an HR Practice consultant with over 4 years of corporate experience in Industries including Software, Sales and Consulting a corporate as the speaker. The workshop mainly focused on the issues like various types of recruitment models, hiring challenges these days, recruitment frameworks etc.

The workshop lasted for about 3 hours and fulfilled its purpose of helping the people with the issues of hiring. Some of the topics that were discussed were How to Hire? What today’s Hottest Startups are doing and what are the common recruitment practices? What sets you and your organization apart? What are the various types of Recruitment Models?

What are the hiring challenges these days? How to build your team correctly? After the session by Mrs. Shavetta, there was a question answer round in which people came up with various problems and discussed them among themselves and Mrs. Shavetta.
The people who attended the workshop were happy and asked for having more events like this.

What kind of events would you like to attend? Give your suggestions in the comments below.

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