Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

The life of an entrepreneur sounds glamorous when you’re on the outside looking in. But chasing your dreams can be exhilarating. Setting your own schedule, creating your own rules, and building the type of company you want to work for can be incredibly alluring.

In collaboration with TickTalkTo, Workcave organized a workshop on Mental Health and Entrepreneurship on 10th March 2018. The main motives of the workshop were to address the issues of stress management, anxiety management, self-doubt and how to find a work-life balance.

The workshop lasted for two hours with Ms. Unman Singh and Ms. Aastha Sharma as the speakers. After the presentations, there was a question answer round where the speakers addressed the issues faced by the people in the audience. The workshop was a great success and fulfilled its purpose of spreading the message that every battle is different and unique to every individual. But none of your scars will make you less worthy or loveable.


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