Tips to Manage Distractions in the Workplace

1) Do one thing at a time
Sometimes having too many tasks on our list leaves us feeling pressurized and we waste our time worrying about how we will be able to accomplish these tasks. If you feel you have too much to do in a single day, start by doing the most important thing and set aside everything else till that task is complete.

2) Schedule phone calls and meetings.
Unexpected phone calls and meetings can be a big distraction in the workplace. Try to schedule as many phone calls and meetings as possible. Also, try to not take every other phone call immediately.


3) Avoid immediate discussions
Try to avoid immediate discussions with team members and coworkers. Tell them you’re busy with something and get back to them as soon as you’re free from the task at hand. This way, they will respect your time and you will be able to give them your full attention.


4) Avoid social media / other IM platforms:
A lot of people get distracted by notifications from social media platforms. They want to log in to check notifications but end up spending more time than usual on these platforms which results in loss of work. It’s always best to log out off all social media platforms while completing the task at hand.

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