Do’s and Don’ts in a Coworking Area

Workspaces need certain etiquettes to be followed for making the place conducive for work and maintaining basic hygiene. Coworking is a shared office environment concept where people come together and get things done.

Sharing office space can be great for creativity, it can save you money, and you can meet people who complement your business if you’re blessed with kind and considerate co-workers who bolster your creativity and make you laugh. But it can also affect your efficiency and could lead to interference in privacy, arguments and workplace tension. Here is a list of DO’s and DON’Ts to inspire peaceful interoffice relations.



  1. Be mindful of your surroundings, be respectful of the people around you. Also, keep in mind the time restrictions.
  2. There is a wide variety of professionals around you. Take advantage of this and learn from the people around you. Be interested and supportive of other’s work.
  3. Introduce yourself, make friends, contribute to group discussions, attend planned events and offer help.
  4. Confirm desk availability before setting up your area.
  5. Clean up after yourself and put shared office supplies back in their designated place. Throw out your own trash and wipe down surfaces before leaving.



  1. Don’t be too dependent. Coworking offers an awesome blend of independence and collaboration, but don’t be tempted to go overboard in relying on others.
  2. Don’t mess with the kitchen. Make a habit of cleaning the mess before you leave.
  3. Avoid discussing the details of a deal you’re working on loudly.
  4. Avoid the negative, hostile behavior that tells your co-workers you’re unhappy with them.
  5. Don’t forget to reserve private areas for meetings. If you need to speak to someone privately, either in person or on the phone, use a meeting room instead of your desk.


This list will help you be a considerate co-worker. If you are unfortunate enough to have a colleague who doesn’t abide by these basic rules, don’t be passive aggressive, making your office a place of conflict. Try talking to them, quietly and subtly. Or maybe you could e-mail them a link to this article?


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