My Experience Speaking at Workcave

Last weekend, I was invited by the guys at Workcave to talk about the legal issues that entrepreneurs face while getting together a startup. I compiled and presented the basic legal knowledge that a newbie start-up owner needs to equip themselves before dipping feet in the market.

I’ve given this talk more than a few times over the years. What I really enjoy till date is the question-answer round followed by the talk.  When people ask questions, it means they were moved to think. And if they were moved, that means they listened. If they listened, you were engaging. And there are a few things more satisfying than the feeling that you could reach out to your audience even if it were a dry subject like law.

The questioning round at Workcave went on for well over an hour. It was lovely to see that most of the crowd sat through it and genuinely wanted to understand the conversation as it went from basic to technical. I was delighted. Often, when I am asked questions by twenty-somethings, I can’t help but help but think of myself at that age. When I was in my early twenties, I don’t think I even knew the S of a startup, much less ask questions on equity sharing and the nity-gritties of contracting with foreigners.

The lovely team at Workcave – Vidur, Isha, and Gourav are a convivial bunch. I hung out with them afterward and we shared a few laughs.

To those of you who don’t know, Workcave is a co-working space where freelancers, entrepreneurs or anyone at all can rent a work desk for a definite period of time. Sometimes, when I need a quiet space where I can sit and complete my drafting, I stop by as well. In addition to that, they also keep having great events. I remember attending a brilliant short session there last summer on Mental Health.

Chandigarh has always been a startup hub. The term startup has acquired its fad in the past decade, but the Tricity was dotted by numerous small businesses long before, such as cafes, nurseries, costume designers, or web artists. With yet more people starting up their own ventures, co-working spaces provide the basic infrastructure where future business owners can thrive.

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