The Forest Hill Resort Trip

A large part of our time is spent at the workplace. To bond and connect with people we spend our entire day, and to form friendships that last more than the working hours do, the team of Workcave planned a day out trip to The Forest Hill Resort. The idea of the trip made the atmosphere at the workplace interesting, people started researching about the place we were going to visit, deciding what to wear for the trip, how to go there and whatnot. At the same time, the team of Workcave was busy planning the day and what all could be done to make the trip memorable. The talk about the trip was an ongoing fiesta for the time until the day finally came when everybody sorted their workload and left for the trip.

It was 2nd February, a Friday. All the members were excited for the trip and reached early morning so that we could depart for the Forest Hill Resort as soon as possible. After some 30 minutes of drive, we were finally at our destination where the Forest Hill team was waiting for us. The day started with the welcome drinks and a light breakfast. The food looked scrumptious and the members were in no mood to wait. The place was beautiful and the people started clicking pictures and selfies.

There were numbers of activities lined up by the Forest Hill team and also by the Workcave team. Soon after the breakfast, we left for the cricket ground where we had a cricket match. After the match, some people were busy with the activities like archery and others sat together to discover a side of the other person that they were not aware of.

We replenished our energies by having delicious lunch served by the resort. Post lunch, when we were sitting together deciding which activity to do first, one of the coworkers, Girish presented a surprise dance performance and was joined by many other coworkers. The members enjoyed games like Dumb Charades and Passing the Parcel. On request of the coworkers, the founder of Workcave, Vidur sang a song for everyone and was joined by another team member Gourav and coworkers Ranbir and Ashish.

It was evening time and none of us wanted the trip to end. We finally celebrated the birthdays of the coworkers and proceeded for the high tea. It felt like the day was really short and the evening came really early. As we decided to depart for Workcave, the members requested to make another day out plan soon. The day was beautiful and filled with memories that will always be cherished by all of us.

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