How coworking fosters collaboration

Many people often ask me, “How does coworking actually foster collaboration?”

I thought I’ll pen down my answer to this question from my real experience at Workcave.


A coworking space typically consists of freelancers, startups, and companies.

I’ve seen each one collaborating and thus benefiting from working in a coworking space.


Freelancers mostly collaborate by helping each other out with work.

If there are two designers in a coworking space, it is very likely that one of them will need help/advice from the other. They may form a team if they find each other easy to work with.


Small startup teams consisting of one or two people need help in almost every department.

From technology and design to legal, marketing and sales startups are always short of hands.

This is where collaboration comes in handy. Startups can find people with the required skill set at arm’s length at a coworking space.

They can quickly hire the right people and get work done faster and economically.


Companies have similar requirements to startups. They too can find the right talent and collaborate with fellow coworkers thus reducing the costs that the company has to incur without having to undergo the long and tedious process of hiring temporary workers.

I’ve seen many people collaborating at Workcave and I feel it is one of the reasons people thrive in coworking spaces. Not only do people find work, they learn from other professionals and this helps them stay updated and improve their skills.


Any other way that you feel people collaborate in coworking spaces?  Comment below 

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