Diwali Celebrations @ Workcave


Diwali is a beautiful festival that commemorates togetherness and happy times with family and friends. It signifies hope, warmth and brighter times ahead. And it is with all of these emotions that each of us at Workcave came together to celebrate this joyous festival with pomp, splendor, and grandeur.

A small ice breaking session was organized for the members and it was named as “String a Story”. Each member was asked to pull out a string out of a bunch and to tie it around his/her index finger and while doing this, introduce themselves.


Work was not high on anybody’s agenda and songs and dance moves ruled the day! With this event, we concluded the celebrations and the rest of the evening were spent distributing Diwali gifts and sweets to all of the members.  It was fun, interesting and the members came to know about the hidden talents their colleagues have and the day served as a perfect time for all bond and reconnect basking in the spirit of joy and togetherness that Diwali is all about

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