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On account of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a small session with Dr. Japnit Singh who is the consultant radiologist at IVY Hospital was organized on 15th October. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide including India, where advanced stages at diagnosis, and rising incidence and mortality rates, make it essential to understand cancer literacy in women. The type of cancer is not only limited to females but also to the males.

Dr. Japnit with help of a presentation explained the topic of discussion and it was followed by a small interactive session with the audience where she cleared various doubts and gave the answer to the questions of the audience. Towards the end, Dr. Japnit also told the audience how to self-examine breast cancer and what measures can be taken to avoid breast cancer.

Breast cancer does not discrimination gender, ages, races and income levels and thus awareness to detect it early and treat it efficiently, we must raise awareness.

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