Do you know who you are? Have you ever spent time with yourself and evaluated yourself? Do you know what your passion is ? Have you worked on your passion ? To answer the different questions related to self-development , a workshop was organised by Workcave , Co-working on 1st September 2018 with Mrs Pooja Dhiman as speaker.

Many individuals these days, struggling with the  tempo of the fast-paced society we live in, find it extremely difficult to take time away from their busy schedules and spend time with themselves.

This is an extremely important process because it offers individuals, an opportunity to gain some perspective about their lives, so that they may begin planning for their futures.

Very often, when we make a decision, we continue to live the consequences of that decision, paying little attention to whether we may be happy or not.
Self-development is a process whereby individuals evaluate their own lives, observe the personal growth they have experienced, and decide whether they are satisfied or not.

Pooja Dhiman has 15 years of practical experience in dealing with people.She Helps in developing goals and strategies to help them tackle and solve their problems.
Her PASSION is to make positive difference in others lives…
The session started with the introduction to self-development .
What is self-development? And she made us play a game with tarot cards and explained the reason for conducting the session.

She guided the attendees to follow the right path with few assignments for evaluating oneself at the end of the workshop. The speaker personally answered all the queries of the attendees. It was a very successful event and the audience requested for more such events.

NOTE:- Workcave Co-working is a Co-working space in Chandigarh that offers plug and play office spaces to entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and professionals.

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